Big League Sherb #5 Strain Review

As I do have a YouTube but am also a spoonie and videos take more energy than blog posts I figure i’ll do some strain reviews on YouTube and some on here, if I feel like it.

I bought an 1/8th. I’m sure that’s more than an 1/8th lol. I’m also sure i’ve been shorted before so i guess this makes up for it lol.

I love BLS #5! It gets me nice and high with a body buzz. It helps my pain and stomach issues. Gives me a nice relaxing mood. It smells nice to. It’s fairly potent. THCa: 22.63%

And potency is about more than just THC levels! I’ve gotten higher off Tropicanna Cookies at 13.30% than I did at something with almost 30%, so it honestly baffles me that people are THC chasers. Like, yes, THC matters but it is not ALL that matters. There are other cannabinoids, terpenes, how well it’s grown …

So when I say it’s potent I mean it doesn’t take me a lot to get high and to feel the affects.

I give it a solid 9/10.

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My weed pieces so far

I like using the bowls and the bong, they are easy for me. I had to get the “Dankenstein” as it was called, bong when I saw it because I love Frankenstein (the novel, 1818 original version) and must collect Frankenstein stuff because reasons. I got “Dankenstein” via Inhalco (online). I got the earthy colored bowl at my local dispo. I got the elephant bowl on Etsy from ElephasDesign. I also got the glass blunt on Etsy, only tried it once so far. Don’t like it but was also sick (still am) and didn’t pack it well so I might try again when i’m not sick. But if I don’t like it it’s a me thing not an it thing. Got it from CindyCraftyCo on Etsy.

I got the Vessel grinder from Vessel (online) and went to get a second one because reasons and … didn’t exist anymore, so I ended up getting the other one from and I haven’t used it yet. Just got it. I got the rolling tray, Ariel, from TraySupplyOC on Etsy. And last, but not least, I got the alien ashtray, also from Etsy, from SGN4YOU on Etsy.

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The Weed Strains I’ve had thus far: Reviews

First off, no, I don’t know what strains I had in high school/shortly after high school, when it was illegal. Until the middle of this summer, after my surgery on July 18th, I hadn’t smoked weed in many years. Finally it’s legal and not a hassle to get a med card, so I have a cannabis medical card now (NJ). So these strains are what i’ve had so far and my reviews of them. I’ve only finished one of these so far by the way. As i’m just starting out I know these won’t be the best reviews but I can review them again later if I want to. Also the THCA % is what happened to be in the cannabis I got, results will differ from batch to batch. In no particular order …

Strain name: Platinum Gorilla #3

THCA: 23.03%

Review: Didn’t really get me high much and only helped slightly with pain. Also made me a little paranoid I think. 6.5/10

Strain name: Sherbface #8

THCA: 22.81%

Review: Gave me a nice high, kinda felt like it was causing me more pain oddly enough though. Because pain is a main reason for me to smoke 5/10.

Strain name: Birthday Cake #3

THCA: 20.41%

Review: Nice body high, helps good with pain. I really love this strain. 9/10

Strain name: Runtz Muffin #2

THCA: 21.62%

Review: Potent, really good high. Really helps pain. Made me nice and happy, helped with anxiety. Favorite so far. 10/10.

No Picture (sorry)

Strain name: Runtz Muffin #1

THCA: 29.19%

Review: I finished this before I thought about taking pictures recently, sorry. Helps pain, especially my stomach (main reason I smoke). Made me relaxed, sleepy. I’d have to get it again to figure out exactly what my rating would be, i’ve only just started to write down my thoughts on the strains I get to keep track of what strains work for me and what doesn’t, but my guess would be 8-9/10.

Strain name: Watermelon Sorbet #2

THCA: 26.11%

Review: Doesn’t get me too high but still not bad. Made me kinda relaxed and happy. Helps pain a little, also the strain I used when I couldn’t stop hiccupping and I shit you not, it stopped them IMMEDIENTLY after taking 1 toke. I was hiccupping for over half an hour before I tried it. Nothing anyone has ever said will stop hiccups has worked for me, not a damn thing. Now I know something that works, cannabis. Was consistently a harsh hit. 7/10

Strain name: Tropicanna Cookies

THCA: 13.30%

Review: Proving more than just THC matters. Yes, THC matters but so do other cannabinoids, terpenes .. Gave me a good happy, relaxed, giggly AF high. Doesn’t do much of anything in regards to pain sadly, maybe a little. Not sleepy at all. I really do like this strain but since it’s just a mood high it takes a hit for not really helping pain, the main reason I smoke. 8.5/10

Strain name: Grease Monkey

THCA: 16.78%

Review: Nice high, relaxed, happy, helps my pain and stomach problems. Doesn’t make me sleepy. 8.5/10

Strain name: Hot Rod #7

THCA: 23.08%

Review: Nice body high, relaxed. Helps my pain, does make me sleepy. 8.5/10

Strain name: Super Lavender Butter #1

THCA: 18.58%

Review: A decent high, helps my stomach and pain. Nice and relaxed. Smooth hit. 8/10

No pic (sorry) because it’s just a pre-roll

Strain name: Banana Puddintain #11

THCA: 25.78%

Review: I’ve probably smoked 2/3 of this pre-roll. Decent high. Was absent-minded and thinking about random shit. Helped my pain. Was relaxed. 7.5/10

The ones I would get again: Birthday Cake #3, Runtz Muffin #1 and #2, Tropicanna Cookies, Grease Monkey, Hot Rod #7, Super Lavender Butter #1. I’d probably get Watermelon Sorbet #2 and Banana Puddintain #11 again to depending.

Going forward I will continue to get a mix of strains I know work (so I always, hopefully, have something on hand that’ll help with pain when need be) and new strains to continue finding more good for me strains.

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