Three months on Testosterone – Transitioning

Three months on T today! Woohoo! And I am loving the changes i’m seeing/hearing.

Content Warning: Talk of private parts and shit like that

I’m still working on my name change and i’m waiting to hear the final judgement from the court and it’s making me anxious lately but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Courts are so confusing and take awhile.

I got upped from 1 pump of the T gel to 2 pumps.

All the changes so far

Getting hairier – i’m noticing more hair on my legs (especially my thighs) and arms (and darker hair to) as well as face. I still can’t do anything with my facial hair but the right side of my face is finally getting some hair! Right now it’s a lot of vellus hair, at least that’s what i’ve heard it’s called, which means it’s really light and it will get darker when it turns terminal. I have a mix of vellus and terminal hairs on my face and it’s sporadic lol. The vellus hairs are impossible to get to show up on camera.

My voice is dropping. I use an app called “Voice Pitch Analyzer” to track my voice progress (it has you read a short ~1 minute passages from a book – The Picture of Dorian Gray specifically) as well as short videos of me saying my name and how long i’ve been on T so I can hear it.

The voice app, here is how it started Pre-T on February 1st and I started T on February 2nd.

Now here it is in April 22nd and today (you can see the date at the top of the app)

Just 3 months in 🙂 Here is a video of my voice on Day 1 of T and last night

Day 1

3 Months on T

I seem to be getting slightly warmer and sweatier (I didn’t really sweat at all Pre-T)

Higher sex drive

Happier, less crying (I can still cry)

Some acne (not a ton but more than I had. Usually on my nose but one asshole pimple was in my crotch area and omg that one hurt!)

My bottom growth aka Tdick is growing. If you have no idea what that means, T makes the clit turn into a mini-dick. It ends up growing to look like one (with the clitoral hood being the foreskin, fellas, WASH UNDER YOUR FORESKIN) and act like one. Obviously there’s no hole so you can’t pee or cum out of it however it gets hard, gets random boners (yes random, having a boner does not mean a guy is aroused. They just happen sometimes, especially during puberty, which i’m currently going through…again…in my 30s… but can still happen when older), and pleasure and orgasm feel different. I love my little dude, though the random boners are a bit painful with no warning and like “wtf you hard for?” lol. I found random boner memes on the internet …

As a trans man who currently gets random boners and a period, neither should be considered shameful imho. They are both out of the persons control.

I’m in many trans reddits and found the reddit GrowYourTDick (Tdick being what trans guys often call it) where Trans guys will post pics of their Tdicks and talk about pumping and something called DHT cream. I haven’t looked into it. But from what I gather the average is probably 1-3 inches when it’s done? I’m already over an inch when hard and it can continue growing for a few years. Generally in spurts.

I have an easier time eating food like a normal person. I was born with vacterl association and a part of that for me (it’s an acronym) is imperforate anus and with that comes a lot of stomach problems for me. My body doesn’t like to eat because my stomach doesn’t like to work to put it lightly. So the fact I can now eat a bit easier is friggin awesome!

Here are some pictures I took last night of my face

I’m not trying to look mean, i’m just trying to see my face without a smile changing it lol.

One Month on T (Testosterone): Transitioning

I started T February 2nd. I’m a nonbinary trans man. He/They. I started on a low dose because I have a lot of medical issues and I want to see how my body reacts first and figure this is a smart way. I have gone through Plume because reasons. I am using the Testosterone Gel 1.62%, 1 pump a day and each pump gives 20.25mg of testosterone. I figure i’ll track my transition here. I’ve also made some tiktok videos, my linktree link at the bottom has links to all my socials, including tiktok if you’re interested.

I still have a long way to go in transition, i’ve barely begun, so please send good vibes or whatever you believe in for it to go well, especially with my medical issues.

CW: Talk about “downstairs”, horniness and masturbating. It’s a part of T and i’m going to talk about all of it. Do not proceed if this bothers you in any way or if you’re related to me. Thank you.

So, changes. Within the first day I noticed an increase in horniness. Yes, apparently that’s how it starts lol. I seriously felt like a dog in heat for a bit there. Now it seems more normal, like, guy normal, which is significantly hornier than I was pre-T. But it’s not insane. I can function lol. Before I’d masturbate maybe a few times a month? Now it’s almost every day. Typically once. Sometimes more.

Also before I typically needed some sort of help, to get off. Porn, reading smut, a toy. Now, it seems I do sometimes but, not usually. It’s actually interesting, especially because i’ve heard other trans guys say the opposite and I seem to be alone in this (but i’m sure i’m not).

The feeling, all of it, is different. Within the first 2 weeks I also felt bottom growth. That’s when the clit grows on T, it basically turns into a mini penis. It’s made from the same stuff after all. From my understanding it grows a little, stops, months later or whatever it’ll grow some more etc. And yes, I felt it. That seems to be normal from what I gather. Some trans guys say it hurts. At worst it was uncomfortable for me but generally just made me horny (i’ve heard other trans guys say the same thing, so it depends). It’s still small obviously because it’s only been a month but there is noticeable growth, and I love it.

The way I masturbate has already changed. My clit is so much more sensitive than before. I can just lightly stroke it, that’s not something I could do before. I can also feel and see when it’s hard and erect, just like a penis, just smaller. The sensation is also more localized. Before I could feel the pleasure through my whole body. Now it’s more localized but also more intense. I wouldn’t say either way is bad, they both feel good, but this way feels more right for me personally. It’s also easier for me to get off than before, which is nice because sometimes it seemed impossible before and the fact I have chronic pain wasn’t helping.

T can make it drier down there (which can hurt, cause bleeding..), but it can also make it wetter because it tends to cause more horny than before. So, depends on if the T or the horny wins. I have noticed at times it being too dry (and there is stuff for that), but when i’m wet even that feels different, and I don’t have the (normal) white discharge I used to. I can’t tell if the smell down there has changed or not, sometimes it seemed to but not other times. T can make there smell like dick and balls, so i’ve heard.

I’ve also noticed an increase in hunger. Nothing drastic because I was born with vacterl association and the imperforate anus part of that includes serious stomach issues with me. Hunger is not something my body tends to have, I just eat because I have to, but my body also hates food because it’s too stupid to work right, or like, at all. So barely eating could be difficult before. Now … I actually want to eat (a normal amount) and can eat easier, with less trouble and actually feel hungry a little every now and then, which with my severe stomach issues is a big deal.

I mentioned I started T February 2nd. I got my period February 7th. Seemed pretty normal, mighta been a little lighter/shorter than usual but who knows as one period to the next can change.

Also I noticed my mood, i’m much happier, less anxious and depressed (it’s hasn’t cured anything, I still have anxiety and shit, but i’m happier and able to cope better than before). I feel more me, more myself. More confidence. Still got work to do, but it’s nice.

I also cry less. I thought trans guys saying they couldn’t cry anymore or couldn’t cry as much as before was bullshit. Honestly, I thought it was internalized toxic masculinity and certainly wouldn’t affect my over-emotional cry at everything self and I know men are allowed to cry and it’s nothing shameful, and as I said, I was a constant crier and couldn’t help it.

It wasn’t bullshit. I can still cry. I haven’t lost the ability. But I don’t cry at every little thing like I used to. Commercials, puppies, stress, tv, movies, books, frustration…. Now it takes something significant to me to make me cry, and even then I don’t sob like I used to and it’s over much quicker. I’m not trying to do that, it just stops. Like my body saying “ok, done now”. I can try to cry and it doesn’t work anymore. Before I couldn’t get myself to stop crying until I had been cried out, now I can barely get me to start let alone continue for more than a few minutes no matter happened. Like I said, I can still cry though, it just takes more and is over much quicker.

I do still feel the emotions. Emotions can be less intense but I still have them. They haven’t gone anywhere. But I can handle them better to. Not perfect i’m sure, but better.

I do have a bit more of a mustache than I did before but it still has a lot of growing in to do. I’m not sure how much my face and body mighta changed, my mom said she can see some change but i’m also trying to lose weight (and failing). Same with my voice, it seems to be a little lower (using a voice app) but not much and it still very much in the female range. Voice (and facial hair) take longer than other changes though. Plus i’m surprised being on a low dose for just 1 month I have as much changes as I do, but i’m happy with them!

Also my face feels a bit oily and i’ve noticed a few more pimples than usual (but nothing bad yet).

So that’s it so far. Here is a pic of me Pre-T

And a pic of me now, one month on T

Ignore the fact I look mean. I wasn’t smiling only because I wanted to see my face shape without smiling.