30 in 30 Manga Reading Challenge – November POP

30 manga volumes in 30 days, can I do it? PLUS Nonfiction November?! Who the hell knows but imma have fun trying.

Here is RealmofComics announcement video

Yes I did a Nonfiction November POP (pile of possibilities) and now i’m doing this, also for November. I will see what I get through, if I don’t complete anything that’s fine as long as I have fun trying. At least that’s what i’m telling myself. Here are some manga options I have.

Food Wars! Quite awhile ago I read the first 12 volumes (out of 36) of Food Wars and … stopped for some reason, despite loving it! So I want to reread them and finish the series, I have all 36 volumes ffs! I’m sure I won’t finish it in November, unless I decide to not break it up and go on a super Food Wars binge. But if after whatever I get to in November I read a few volumes a month i’d get it done, so that’s the plan.

Dance in the Vampire Bund Similar to Food Wars I read the first 8 volumes and I should have everything that’s been released (in English in the USA) so far (there are more series to it than just the main one) but it’s been awhile so I want to reread the first 8 and then continue and catch up.

Citrus Plus Vol. 4 is due out Nov 22nd and I have it preordered! So assuming I get it before December i’ll be reading this! I miss Yuzu and Mei! (cover links to Goodreads)

Other potential manga (covers link to Goodreads)

Obviously some of these are the start of a series that if I like i may decide to continue, meaning I might be buying manga in November lol. I have Girl Friends Collection 1 but there is a collection 2 as well. Giant Spider & Me I only have volume 1 of. That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime … I originally bought what I thought was the first 3 volumes BUT at the time I was a noob and had NO IDEA about “light novels” so what I got was volume 1 and 3 of the manga and volume 2 of the light novel! Ugh. But i’ve borrowed volume 2, the manga, from comixology.

I have 3 volumes of Love me for who I am, which is not all of them. I’ve read the first one but it’s been awhile so … I have all 5 volumes of Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll. I only have volume 1 of Franken Fran and Boys Run the Riot.

I have 16 volumes (which is all that’s out at the moment, volume 17 has been pushed back so many times at this point i’ve lost track) of Monster Musume and have been reading it (slowly, since my initial goal was to catch up about the same time volume 17 was released but at this point i’m not sure it ever will be so fuck it). I’ve read 9 volumes of Monster Musume so far so I could read volumes 10 – 16. I’ll probably pick up at least a volume or 2. Of course all this is assuming I don’t pick up any of these before November lol.

I only have volume 1 of Spy X Family. And yes I have all 3 volumes of After Hours as it shows. Have I read any of them? No. And no, I haven’t watched any of the anime’s, except Citrus.

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