Big League Sherb #5 Strain Review

As I do have a YouTube but am also a spoonie and videos take more energy than blog posts I figure i’ll do some strain reviews on YouTube and some on here, if I feel like it.

I bought an 1/8th. I’m sure that’s more than an 1/8th lol. I’m also sure i’ve been shorted before so i guess this makes up for it lol.

I love BLS #5! It gets me nice and high with a body buzz. It helps my pain and stomach issues. Gives me a nice relaxing mood. It smells nice to. It’s fairly potent. THCa: 22.63%

And potency is about more than just THC levels! I’ve gotten higher off Tropicanna Cookies at 13.30% than I did at something with almost 30%, so it honestly baffles me that people are THC chasers. Like, yes, THC matters but it is not ALL that matters. There are other cannabinoids, terpenes, how well it’s grown …

So when I say it’s potent I mean it doesn’t take me a lot to get high and to feel the affects.

I give it a solid 9/10.

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My weed pieces so far

I like using the bowls and the bong, they are easy for me. I had to get the “Dankenstein” as it was called, bong when I saw it because I love Frankenstein (the novel, 1818 original version) and must collect Frankenstein stuff because reasons. I got “Dankenstein” via Inhalco (online). I got the earthy colored bowl at my local dispo. I got the elephant bowl on Etsy from ElephasDesign. I also got the glass blunt on Etsy, only tried it once so far. Don’t like it but was also sick (still am) and didn’t pack it well so I might try again when i’m not sick. But if I don’t like it it’s a me thing not an it thing. Got it from CindyCraftyCo on Etsy.

I got the Vessel grinder from Vessel (online) and went to get a second one because reasons and … didn’t exist anymore, so I ended up getting the other one from and I haven’t used it yet. Just got it. I got the rolling tray, Ariel, from TraySupplyOC on Etsy. And last, but not least, I got the alien ashtray, also from Etsy, from SGN4YOU on Etsy.

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