2023 Reading Goals

So i’ve been thinking of goals for next year whether I like it or not. I can’t seem to help it. I am trying a new attitude though of no stressing out over reading as it’s just my hobby and life is really fucking hard. That said I can use these “goals” as a guideline to help me remember things I do actually *want* to read. I’ve also gotten obsessed with Storygraph (profile Here if you want to follow/friend me on there) and the reading challenges on there! I have joined so many lol. But first, onto my goals that are unrelated to Storygraph reading challenges! I would number them but then it goes all wonky and I can’t figure out how to fix it so i’ll just bold the goals.

24 Audio books

I have a couple hundred audio books yet rarely listen to them because processing audio books is REALLY HARD. It is for me at least. Different brains. I have aphantasia and am autistic. I also have auditory processing disorder. That’s why I have a bunch of nonfiction audio books and audio books I read with my eyeballs first so I can listen to them as a reread. Easier than trying to learn a whole new freaking world and characters and shit while struggling to process the audio book. I want to practice listening to audio books. 2 a month doesn’t sound like too much? But even 12 would be an improvement for me!

33% Nonfiction

This % is subject to change. I want to read more nonfiction. However, I also want to read more comics/manga/graphic novels, and I could read a few comics or manga in one day unlike nonfiction books so that might seriously skew the %. As long as I know i’m making an effort to read more nonfiction, i’m happy. That said previous years, now that I finally got all my read books logged into storygraph (I have “too many rows” to import from Goodreads) show I read more nonfiction than I thought I did. I’d like a minimum of 20% and a max of no more than 50%, so we’ll see what happens.

6 Classics

Sounds reasonable.

6 Mystery/Thrillers

I want to read more adult thrillers. There’s many I want to check out and I just … never do.

36 Graphic Novels/Comics/Manga

I’m shooting for more actually but 3 a month sounds reasonable. Again though as long as I make an effort i’ll be happy.

8 Frankenstein related books

Frankenstein is my favorite book (particularly the original uncensored 1818 version). Related books being like retellings for example (not limited to retellings).

6 Taboo books

I have many taboo books and I want to read them.

Finish Bingo Boards

My and my friend Georga made bingo boards at the beginning of the year. I have not finished them, and that’s ok. Maybe in 2023?

6 Pagan Books

I’m Pagan. I want to read 6 nonfiction Pagan books. I seriously need to work on my spirituality.

Focus on what I love: Horror and Nonfiction

I love to read all kinds of books, and I love that about myself, but I do say horror and nonfiction are my favorites, so I want to make sure I focus on them!

9 Anthologies

I have a bunch of anthologies I need to read!

Well Read Lie list books

I mentioned my “well read lie” list that I made in this post. It’ll take me so many years to finish it if I ever do lol. So, maybe a couple or a few books from it a month would be nice, but no stressing out over it.

Kindle and Comixology unlimited

I have both of these, I need to use them. A few books a month from each would be nice … lol.

Use my Libby and Hoopla

I should use my local libby and Hoopla sometimes.

6 Translated Works

Not counting manga! That’d make it way too easy lol.

6 Poetry

Poetry is hit or miss but when it’s a hit, it’s a hit. I need to read more poetry.

3 Stephen King Books

Self explanatory

R.L. Stine/Goosebumps

I have yet to finish the original Goosebumps books so I want to make progress on them! I don’t need to finish them next year but at least make progress.

8 books still on my 40 before 40 list

On my 30th birthday (i’ll be 34 in February lol) I made a “40 before 40” list of 40 books to read before I turn 40. I have 15 books left to go! I used blogger back then and made a post with the list here if you want to check it out, it is NOT updated though! I don’t go on there any more. The books are the same but i’m sure i’ve read more than it says I have now. So out of the 15 I have left I hope to read 8 next year. We shall see. I still have 6 years lol.

72 hours listened

Storygraph has a thing where you can set a goal for hours listened to audio books! So I figure 72 hours for an entire year sounds reasonable and low but also progress for me. We shall see. I am trying to keep this and the next 2 things low to avoid stress. I already love to read I don’t need to make it stressful.

2,500 pages read

Like I said, low. Storygraph also has a thing where you can set a goal for pages read.

Books to read: 25

I’ll probably read more than this, hence setting it low. I want to keep reading but again, it’s a hobby.

I’ll have to make a post about the storygraph reading challenges i’ve entered separately.

Have you begun thinking of your reading next year yet? What are your goals if you have? Comment down below 🙂

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September Wrap Up

What I Read

Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor – 4 stars

Thought provoking and interesting. Not sure what to say though, but glad I read it.

Dracula by Bram Stoker – DNF

I give up. I read Dracula (all of it) a few years ago. I didn’t like it. I thought maybe i’d appreciate it more now, but I don’t. I listened to 2 chapters. The narrators are great, if you love Dracula check it out (you can find it on audible.com – has Tim Curry and a whole cast). I’m bored. I hate that I don’t like it, I LOVE vampires … generally. But this just doesn’t work for me. I really thought i’d be able to get into it but I can’t, I just can’t. I’ve loved (years ago, I need to rewatch it) the Dracula movie with Gary Oldman. I should just rewatch it.

Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery by Brom – 5 stars!

I am so glad I loved this one just as much as I did Krampus: The Yule Lord! I saw the same things in it that made me love Krampus enough to read it 3 times already. Maybe i’ll revist Slewfoot later to.

I’m not entirely sure what else to say. I loved Abitha. She’s a strong woman who goes through so much shit. I loved Samson as well. I loved the messages in the story. I just want everyone to experience it for themselves and it’s perfect for spooky season!

Other Stuff

I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. I enjoyed it and gave it 4 stars on letterboxd. I still have to finish the franchise.

Happy Spooky Month!

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My Reading Journey

When I was in elementary school I had no idea why I struggled with reading comprehension. I could read and I could read fast but remembering what I read? How the hell does one do that? I didn’t know I have aphantasia and that others were being literal about seeing pictures in their head. I have aphantasia in ALL the senses (technically aphantasia just refers to pictures but the other senses don’t have words as far as I know, so you know I mean). I love having aphantasia because reasons. That’s not what this post is about. If you are going to pity me over it, i’m going to ignore you. That could be it’s own post. We all think differently, and yes I can think just fine, it’s just different. (Please note: If you have aphantasia you are allowed to feel however you feel about it)

Anyway because I thought differently and didn’t know that, I struggled and no one could help me. Aphantasia wasn’t a word (even though it was described back in the 1880s) in the 90s. It became a word in 2015. I graduated high school in 2007.

School didn’t help me and the books I had to read for school were so boring and unrelatable (I loved The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton I had to read in 7th grade, because I could feel for the characters. That is the ONLY book I read for school I enjoyed). I couldn’t find any representation for people like me. Disabled kids. Queer kids (also grew up in homophobic because religious family). I didn’t know i’m autistic then either so I could add neurodivergent to the list. And to top it off, I wasn’t allowed to read some things I wanted to, like Harry Potter (because religion). All that combined, i’m surprised I didn’t hate reading with a passion, but it did turn me off.

Thankfully I found Goosebumps as a kid and loved it! Goosebumps, Fear Street. I didn’t read a ton but I enjoyed reading them when I could and a couple other odd books maybe. I’ve always loved the horror genre.

After high school, I didn’t read much. I read a little but mostly, if not completely, books about paganism now that I could explore that because adult. I thought I was “too old” for Harry Potter so it was “too little too late” for me there.

At 26, almost 27, years old in late 2015 I realized I was being dumb. And i’d always had a desire to read, despite my frustration. I still didn’t know about aphantasia though, even though at that point it had been named. It was like 2019 by the time I heard of aphantasia.

I started with Harry Potter, of course. I read it and watched the movies. Loved it. Where do I go from there though? Look up harry potter reviews on YouTube! I found BookTube and it spiraled from there. I read the Across the Universe series by Beth Revis next, and fell in love. Slowly I read more and more. I even found representation about characters like me, finally! Seriously, almost 27 when I read a book with the first bisexual representation i’d ever seen. Even later to find some disabled rep.

I learned I just had to slow the fuck down. I was reading too fast. I couldn’t process what I read. I had to learn it’s ok to whisper read (I can read silently to a degree but after so much it gets difficult and a mix of silent + whisper-reading is really what helps me the most). I was taught to stop doing that in elementary school, making the already difficult task of reading comprehension (well remembering) so much harder. I thought I was so dumb growing up.

I can think in silent words as well as it’s like stuff is going on on a computer screen with the monitor turned off. What I mean is, picture a desktop computer with a monitor and a tower. The tower is on and working. The monitor works. The speakers are unplugged or off. The monitor is off but the computer is working just fine. My brain is the computer. The files are there. I just can’t see the monitor.

Another way to think about it is there is stuff going on in a sound proof room I can’t see into because i’m outside of it but somehow I know exactly what’s going on inside. Well I don’t know things like colors or details but I know the basics. I know people are moving around etc. It’s hard to describe but i’m trying. I can “feel” the scene in my head, I just don’t hear it or see it (or technically “feel” anything as in the touch sense but there’s no other word for it).

So if I slow down and take the time to process the words and “feel” the scene/story, I can read just fine. No I won’t fucking remember what color stuff was or what clothes they wore unless i’m beaten over the head with it, because that stuff doesn’t matter (to me). I remember the characters, their personalities, the themes, what I thought and felt. There’s a reason you will never hear me say “but they don’t look like how I pictured them!” in regards to a book to movie adaptation. I simply don’t have that problem! I can understand certain things are important though in that regard.

Now I realize reading comprehension wasn’t my issue really. I could understand things, I just couldn’t remember things because I wasn’t letting myself process it. I’m slow to process but if I let myself process I can understand just fine.

I love to read now and am an avid reader. I don’t need to be a fast reader. I don’t need to be “the best”. I just need to have fun and enjoy reading.

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Classics I’ve Enjoyed

Like any genre I’ve liked some classics and haven’t liked others. Here are ones I have liked!

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

This is the only book I remember reading for school that I actually liked. It made me cry and I felt for the characters. They felt real and relatable. I reread it once so far as an adult and still loved it.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Talks about racism, sexism, love. Real. Beautiful. Heart-breaking. I’ve read it 3 times. And I didn’t realize it’s the first in a series so i’m going to have to reread it and continue the series at some point.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Yes, I know, it’s about an appalling topic. You aren’t supposed to like Humbert. It’s beautifully written about an awful topic and it even says at the end you aren’t supposed to fall for Humbert. It’s an interesting book with how it’s written.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

When I first started reading this I was very confused and was like “this makes no sense!”. Once I realized that’s the point and turned my brain off, I had fun with it.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

An interesting and gothic tale. I still have to read The Haunting of Hill House, I know, I suck.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

The shoes are silver. Also, this is much darker than the movie!

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Tugged at my heart and made me cry (at 30 years old). Charlotte is best spider.

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Sad. Made me cry. Do not think it’s a children’s book despite it saying it is, like holy fuck. There is some kindness in it too.

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Gothic romantic suspense.

There is also a character who appears to have down syndrome. I say that because he is described but I googled it, the name down syndrome did not exist when this book was written. I want to bring this up only because the way he was described/talked about in some cases, if written today, would be offensive, but looking up what was known at the time this book was published, it seems like it was handled as best as it could be for the time (tis why knowing history can be important).

And there is stuff that happens later in the book (I won’t spoil anything) that made me go “Fuck yes!!” when it was brought up. Stuff I didn’t expect to get mentioned more, was, and it made me so happy. The characters (well except one asshole, but he’s an asshole) treated him, Ben, very nicely. And I loved that it showed his fear of being sent to the asylum (which makes even more sense when you read it), that the asylum isn’t a nice place, and that no one was going to send him anywhere.

Haunting, beautiful and sad at the same time.

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

That was fun. I enjoyed it. Not completely sure why. Definitely didn’t age well in all respects (which is to be expected), a bit disjointed and overly moralistic (and not as nuanced as I usually prefer but it’s old and a children’s classic), with a few things that don’t make sense but I still found it a fun tale that got me thinking a little bit but mostly just fun. Pinocchio can be such a pain, but he learns and he has a heart. I want to tell him “you always were a real boy, just before you were a marionette boy and now, you’re a human boy”.

Much darker than expected too!

Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffmann

If you know me you know i’m usually a Grinch. Why do I enjoy this classic? Honestly, I don’t know. I had fun with it.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

A very important and heart-breaking book.

Frankenstein (1818 original text) by Mary Shelley

My favorite! Where to even begin? The creature is abandoned by his creator, his father, Victor, who runs away from him in horror. The creature has a heart, he just wants a friend. He tries to make friends but everyone is shallow and runs from him in horror based on his looks, so of course after awhile, it gets to him, as it would anyone. Nothing like the original movie portrayal! Victor is the real monster.

And no, i’m not saying what he ends up doing is ok, but you can understand his feelings and where he’s coming from. He’s sympathetic and I wanna be his friend before all hell breaks lose. Show him that there are some people that aren’t shallow assholes.

I said what I said.

Also, the creature is relatable to me, being disabled and having deformities. Obviously not as bad as the creature and I know it could be worse but I could still put myself in his shoes. There are deformed people in real life that get that treatment, sadly this book and that message is still relevant. He’s an outcast who just wants some companionship. That shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

Heart-wrenching and important.

1984 by George Orwell

Terrifying and realistic. Supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual!

The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen

Just a fairy-tale fantasy that I enjoy.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Again. Supposed to be warning, not a friggin instruction manual!

Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle

Have I watched any of the movies or anything? Nope. I need to do that at some point. Brings up some interesting questions about ethics and is thought-provoking.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

An important autobiography.

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July Book Haul Part 1

Physical Books

Cirque Berserk by Jessica Guess
Conscious Designs by Nathanial White
Brain Juice by R.L. Stine
First Born by Will Dean
Upgrade by Blake Crouch
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin
Gender Queer: A Memoir Deluxe Edition by Maia Kobabe
Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
Dance in the Vampire Bund: Age of Scarlet Order Vol. 6 by Nozomu Tamaki
Disney Animated Classics: The Little Mermaid by Studio Fun International
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 1 by John Vornholt
Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row by Christopher Golden
Earth Geeks Must Go! by R.L. Stine
Be Afraid — Be Very Afraid! by R.L. Stine
Headless Halloween by R.L. Stine
The Second Evil by R.L. Stine
The Third Evil by R.L. Stine
A Cannibal in Manhattan by Tama Janowitz
Scream School by R.L. Stine
The New Evil by R.L. Stine
The Evil Lives! by R.L. Stine
Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1 by Doranna Durgin
Child of the Hunt by Christopher Golden
Wild & Free by K. Webster
The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen by Hans Christian Andersen
For the Love of Popsicles: Naturally Delicious Icy Sweet Summer Treats from A–Z by Sarah Bond

I got First Born, Upgrade, and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow from my July BOTM box.

Kindle Books

War and Me by Faleeha Hassan
All the Lies They Did Not Tell by Pablo Trincia
Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett
The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, and the Quest for Earth’s Ultimate Trophy by Paige Williams
Death Warmed Over by Kevin J. Anderson
The Lies I Told Him by Vanessa Garbin
Serenity Possessed by Craig A. Hart and S.J. Varengo
The Children in the Lake: A Story You Will Never Forget by Mark Edward Hall
Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
Bunny by Mona Awad
Grayality by Carey P.W.
Underneath by Robbie Dorman
Savage Prince by Meghan March
Mates for Monsters: Boxed Set by Tamsin Ley
Die in the Wool: A Knitty Kitty Cozy Mystery by Katherine Hayton


To Be A Trans Man by Ezra Woodger
The Gender Friend: A 102 Guide to Gender Identity by Oakley Phoenix
Trans Sex: A Guide for Adults by Kelvin Sparks
A Little Pinprick by Paige Dearth
Stinetinglers: All New Stories by the Master of Scary Tales by R.L. Stine

Audio Books

Navajos Wear Nikes: A Reservation Life by Jim Kristofic
I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai
Beautiful Country: A Memoir by Qian Julie Wang
Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt by Robert Bauval
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World by Dalai Lama XIV
Beaks, Bones, and Bird Songs: How the Struggle for Survival Has Shaped Birds and Their Behavior by Roger Lederer
Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber

Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up July 13th, 2022

What I am currently reading

Why I’m Afraid of Bees by R.L. Stine

I started this last night. Not far in but i’m liking it so far. I feel awful for the main character!

What I finished in the past week

Monster Musume, Vol. 8 by Okayado – 4 stars

Not much to say. Still enjoying the series. Funny and like the characters.

Saga, Volume 5 & 6 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples – 5 and 4.5 stars

Can’t say much about volume 5 and 6. If you haven’t read Saga yet I highly recommend it! This is me continuing my reread in preparation for volume 10 in October! A wonderful science fiction comic series!

What do I think i’ll read next?

Gender Queer: A Memoir Deluxe Edition by Maia Kobabe – I read this years ago and it meant so much to me! More than words can say, but I did write a review Here. So of course I needed the deluxe edition that just came out!

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman – like I said last week i’m autistic and this is very highly rated.

The Gender Friend: A 102 Guide to Gender Identity by Oakley Phoenix by Oakley Phoenix – I got this from Netgalley.

A Little Pinprick by Paige Dearth – I also got this from netgalley and have loved a couple books by Paige Dearth before! I’m preparing to be emotionally devastated. Paige’s books tend to do that.

Monster Musume, Vol. 9 by Okayado – Continuing the series.

Other Stuff

I’m having surgery July 18th and will be in the hospital about a week most likely. I am not sure what i’ll be able to do while in the hospital or while recovering, which could take a month or 2. I imagine i’ll be able to blog once I get home even though i’ll still be recovering. Either way, health comes first. I’ll get back to blogging when I can if I have to take a hiatus. I do have a post scheduled for the 19th and the 26th.

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Reading Habits Book Tag


1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I read in my computer chair, because reasons. Medical reasons. I know it’s not the most comfy, but stomach reasons. Maybe once I get them sorted out a little better (that’s the plan, but i’ll always have medical issues, maybe i’ll expand on them at a later date, born with VACteRL Association) i’ll read somewhere else sometimes?

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Bookmark. I have many bookmarks. Though i’ll also sometimes temporarily just put the book open upside down.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

Due to said medical reasons I often have to stop at any point. I have no choice. If I am able i’ll get to a certain point, like a break or the end of the chapter, but if I gotta stop in the middle of a sentence then I gotta stop in the middle of a sentence.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

Well if i’m reading a physical book, no. I’ll put the book down to take a drink or whatever. An audio book I might be able to do that … but doubtful because my brain can’t really multitask. I can only focus on one thing at a time and if i’m focusing on a book I can’t really taste and enjoy whatever i’m trying to eat then I’m pissed when i’m done and didn’t enjoy what I ate. My body has a lot of issues with food, at least let me enjoy eating as much as I can damn it.

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

Hell to the motherfuckin’ no. See above. I listen to white noise, like rain/ocean waves, to drown out the loud real world, while i’m trying to read.

6. One book at a time or several at once?

Technically I could read multiple at a time but I prefer one at a time. I’m not a fast reader.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?


8. Reading out lout or silently in your head?

Silently in my head can be hard to sustain (though I can do it for a time), so i’ll like mouth along/silently whisper the words sometimes. Hi, I have full aphantasia, by which I mean, all the senses (I can think in silent words). I was told to stop reading like I was and just do it silently in my head in school. I already struggled with reading comprehension, and trying to do that made it a million times harder.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Usually no but there have been cases where i’ve looked at the end because reasons of “oh no, if it’s going that route I do NOT wanna finish reading it!” so i’ll check the ending to see if I am going to continue it or DNF. No, this won’t spoil the book for me, it will potentially save it for me. But most of the time I don’t do that.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I don’t intentionally break the spine but i’m also not pressed about it.

11. Do you write in your books?

Sometimes. Write, highlight. Not always.

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Mid year book freak out tag

I’m writing this on July 2nd, the exact middle of the year! Though it won’t post until next week on the 9th.

Best Book I’ve Read So Far

Transmuted by Eve Harms

A transgender body horror story

As a deformed trans person myself this hit so many feels! The feelings of dysphoria, of being fetishized, of being looked at like a freak, of feeling like a freak. The way people treat you. I loved Isa. I want to gush about this book but i’m at a loss for words.

Best Sequel I’ve Read So Far

Screw picking just one. Also i’ve only read manga/comic sequels, of these series in particular, so far this year.

New Release I Haven’t Read Yet But Want To

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas

It’s gothic and sounds so good!

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

Saga, Volume 10 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice by Shon Faye, Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw, Citrus Plus Vol. 4 by Saburouta, Year of the Tiger: An Activist’s Life by Alice Wong, The Future Is Disabled by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Ok ok so I picked 6! I read all 9 volumes of Saga years ago and loved them, then they went on hiatus for awhile and volume 10 is coming later this year so i’m in the midst of rereading them. I’m transgender, hence the second one. The Nightmare Before Christmas fanfiction being published! Sounds so interesting! I love the Citrus series (and it’s sequel series Citrus+) and Citrus+ Vol 4 is the next one. Alice Wong edited Disability Visibility which I loved and highly recommend! I’ve read Care Work by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and loved it so I look forward to The Future is Disabled!

Biggest Disappointment

Pachinko by Lee Min-jin

Well I liked the first 45 pages or something like that. I got tired of feeling preached to. Women are apparently only there for suffering. I’ve read Homegoing and loved that. This … not so much. And I kept looking at reviews in a way I only do when i’m not liking a book and it doesn’t seem worth it to me to continue. My guess is this might’ve been a 2 or possibly 3 star book. I have other books i’d rather be reading.

I was expecting to really enjoy this book, and I just didn’t.

I DNF’d at page 105

Biggest Surprise

I can’t say I had any surprises. Every book I loved I expected to. Shrugs.

Newest Fictional Crush

I don’t get fictional crushes.

Newest favorite character

The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz

Sal, an AI, in The Cybernetic Tea Shop. I wanted to hug her so badly.

Book that made you cry

The Cybernetic Tea Shop made me cry.

Book that made me happy

These all made me happy in their own ways. I love the romance between Yuzu and Mei in Citrus. Monster Musume, that shows volume 5 but any of the volumes i’ve read so far (the first 6) would do because the series is hilarious. Transmuted for being a wonderful transgender body horror story. Golem girl is a memoir by a queer disabled Jewish woman. The Chuck Tingle book is hilarious.

Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

This edition of The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales.

What books do you need to read by the end of the year

Whatever books I feel like reading.

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Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up  July 6th, 2022

What I Am Currently Reading

Nothing at the moment. I’m guessing that won’t last long.

What I Finished in the Past Week

BBC Science Focus Magazine – April 2022 by Immediate Media Company London Ltd – 4 stars

Just a magazine

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt – 5 stars

OMG This book means so much to me now! It’s character-driven and it’s one of those books I want to shove in everyone’s face lol. I felt so much of what Tova was going through for my own reasons. And felt for Cameron. And Marcellus the Octopus is amazing, all three of these characters are amazing. I loved so many lines. It made me cry. I found so much depth in these pages personally. And I had to hug the book! I wanna give it more than 5 stars!

Monster Musume, Vol. 7 by Okayado – 5 stars

A manga. I enjoy these characters. Has some depth to it now and then. Often funny.

What do I think i’ll read next?

Saga, Volume 5 and 6 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples – Need to continue my reread for Volume 10 in October

Monster Musume, Vol. 8 by Okayado – Last I checked (Just yesterday, for awhile it kept getting pushed back) Volume 17 is due out in December. I have some catching up to do.

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman – I’m autistic and this is very highly rated.

Of course I do not need to read these. They are just what i’m thinking of reading at the moment.

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June 2022 Wrap Up

What I Read

Joyland by Stephen King – 5 stars

I wrote a full review Here.

Garden Gnome Sex Party by Fannie Tucker – 3 stars

I wrote a full review Here.

Cattywampus by Ash Van Otterloo – 3 stars

I found some of it off and the religion aspect kinda weird. Also not sure if i’m supposed to be offended at part of it, but I digress. Listening to it instead of reading it with my eyeballs might be to blame.

I had some laughs and some feels. I was both annoyed with and felt for the characters at different times. I’d say over-all I liked it, it just wasn’t exactly my cup of tea and that’s ok. I loved the diversity. Katy, one of the MC’s, is intersex and has a deaf brother and another character has 2 mom’s.

Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus: An Adult Romance Novel by Chuck Tingle – 4 stars

Despite all the typos and the fact I think this coulda been even better if it had been a bit more polished I still really enjoyed this. It’s hilarious, I enjoyed the characters and the story and especially the calling out of she who shall not be named and the whole romance parody thing. There’s also the complete smashing of the 4th wall.

Now, which of Chuck’s 5,000 other books do I read next?

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca – 2.75 stars

My initial thoughts right after finishing it were …

What in the bloody fuck was that?
I don’t mean that as an insult in any way. It’s just bizarre and I have no idea how to rate it.
I didn’t dislike it at all. I just … wtf man.


Then after looking at my spreadsheet that had different aspects of the book I came up with 2.75 and that feels right somehow. It’s just my opinion and i’m not sure how to express it. I think it needed … more. The characters, the atmosphere, the plot. I just needed, more. But again, that’s just me.

Her Stepsister’s Secret by Callista Bree – 5 stars

Full review Here.

Archaeology – March/April 2022 by Archaeological Institute Of America – 4 stars

Philosophy Now – issue 149 by Anja Publications – 4 stars

BBC Wildlife Magazine – Spring 2022 by Immediate Media Company London Ltd – 5 stars


Cirque Berserk by Jessica Guess – 5 stars

This was so much fun. I loved getting to know the characters and feel for them. This book made me cry. It also made me question things because things aren’t black and white. It even has a trope I hate and I still loved this book and am giving it 5 stars! That says something.

It’s an interesting slasher, that’s for sure!

The Cannibals of Candyland by Carlton Mellick III – 4 stars

I’ve really gotta read more bizarro. This is my second book by Carlton Mellick III. My first was The Haunted Vagina. I really enjoyed both of these books. Not only is it weird, it can also be thought-provoking. My only complaint, for both of them, is the ending feels rushed. But I still look forward to reading more by this author!

Archaeology – May/June 2022 by Archaeological Institute Of America – 4 stars

BBC Science Focus Magazine – April 2022 by Immediate Media Company London Ltd – 4 stars


What I Watched

I watched Stranger Things volume 1 and now it’s July and I need to watch volume 2!!

Other Stuff

I finally started to play Sims again. Sims 2 specifically. I also have a surgery coming up on July 18th (which i’ve mentioned but in case you missed it). A colostomy hernia repair surgery.

What did you read, watch, do in June?

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