My minimum goal for 2023? Survive. That’s it, because that alone can be nearly impossible and very difficult. If I don’t do anything else, but I survive, that’s enough. Just stating that.

So, what would I like to do? Besides what i’ve stated in my post 2023 Reading Goals and working on the storygraph reading challenges mentioned here, here are some more things, because why not? Obviously there’s no way i’m doing all the things, but when i’m wondering what to do I can look at it all and decide what I want to do then.

Writing. I love to write but I don’t do it nearly enough. I wrote a holiday short story on AO3 here last year. Earlier this year I wrote a fanfiction for Killer Klowns from Outer Space, the 1988 movie (and I wrote it months before the video game announcement! I had no idea that was coming! I make a fanfiction for a movie that came out over 30 years ago and just months later suddenly a video game for it is announced! Talk about timing lol).

Anyway, that Killer Klown story, is about 23k. And that’s all I wrote this year (unless I write something during this last month but I want to focus on reading and maybe watching some things this month) so I’d like to write at least 50k next year. Ideally more than that but we’ll see.

I’d also like to play more Sims 2 and 3. Complete a couple rotations of Sims 2 and I don’t even remember what the hell I was doing in Sims 3, so I need to refigure that out before I start a legacy again without getting far. By the way, I post my sims stuff on my Simblr here.

I’d like to actually watch some of the movies and tv shows I want to watch. I’m terrible at watching things.

I’d also like to play other video games. I have a collection of steam (and switch, and a couple console) games that I never play. I need to fix that.

Ultimately? I just want to have fun with my hobbies and do what I want to do. So we’ll see where that takes me. I have other, more stressful, life goals to but i’m not going to discuss those here. Maybe another time.

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