Storygraph has reading challenges set up by regular users and I couldn’t help but join a ton and even make a couple! Here are ones i’ve joined so far. You might have to have a (free) profile to see them. Some of them have time limits, many of them do not.

Obviously I do not plan to do all these next year. I plan to make progress. Most of them don’t have a time limit so i’m free to take my time with them. All the reading challenges will be linked, as you can see, so if you want to check them out you can!

50 States, 50 Horror Books – 50 states in the USA, 50 horror books

Random Reading Challenge – Random reading prompts

Fairytale Retelling Challenge – Fairytale retellings

Learning to read anthologies – Read 7 anthologies

Supernatural Creatures Book Challenge – Vampires, werewolves and more

The Fiction of Octavia E. Butler – Exactly what it says. I’ve only read Kindred so far.

Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum – The Wizard of Oz is a 14 book series. I need to reread the first one.

30 in 30 Manga Challenge – This is/was for November 2022 only. I will not be completing this, and that’s ok, but as of writing this there are still 3 days left in November so we’ll see what I manage.

Queer Representation Book List – Queer books!

The Disney princess challenge. – Challenges based on Disney princesses.

Monster Romance – Monsters need love to! :p

The Mood Reader Challenge – Storygraph has moods for books, read a book for each mood (and a couple more prompts involving moods). Goes for the year 2023.

Horror Genre Challenge 2023 – Goes for 2023, different horror genres.

Queer Lit Readathon Round 10 – From Dec 4th – 10th. I will not be finishing this either, I can’t read that fast, but i’ll see what I manage.

All-the-genres on The Storygraph! – 58 genres!

Sapphic Books Challenge – Sapphic books, different genres

Trans Books Challenge – Trans books, different genres

Fear Street – R.L. Stine

Goosebumps Horrorland Series – R.L. Stine

Original Goosebumps books – R.L. Stine

Goosebumps SlappyWorld Series – R.L. Stine

a tarot reading journey … 🔮 – Inspired by major arcana, tarot.

Stranger Things Reading Challenge – Inspired by Stranger Things

Memoir Challenge – Memoirs

50 Best Horror Books of All Time (Esquire Magazine) – Horror

18 Nonfiction Reading Prompts – Nonfiction

Nonfiction November 2022 – I finished this! Woo!

Vampire Literature Through the Ages – You get the picture

literature from all over the world – Books, from around the world

Jack Edwards: 20 books to read in your 20s – Jack Edwards is a booktuber. I am in my 30s… am I allowed to read these books anyway? lol (yes, I know I am).

Urban Legends, Supernatural Creatures, Cryptids, and Mythological Creatures – What it says on the tin.

I made 2 reading challenges that are private, as you can make a reading challenge that only you can see, just for you. One is for “Religious Literacy” and was inspired by another reading challenge on storygraph that unfortunately has a time limit and reading religious books, learning about them, I really want to take my time and it’s going to take a lot out of me. I don’t think i’m going to be finished all I want to be in just 2 years. With that pressure, I just wouldn’t read anything at all. So my private one is just for me so I don’t have a time limit (and I can change anything if I want to). The one it’s inspired by is here.

The other one is “Books still on my 40 before 40 list”. On my 30th birthday (i’ll be 34 in February) I made a list of 40 books I want to read before I turn 40. I posted the list on my old blog on blogspot Here. It is not updated! I have 15 books left to read.

I also made 2 reading challenges that anyone on storygraph can join!

Horror Subgenres – Horror subgenres. I made the more extreme ones or certain ones bonus prompts just in case not everyone who wants to join wants to do those. I will be doing all of them. No time limit.

Expand your mind with Nonfiction 2023 – 24 prompts. Different subgenres of nonfiction. You can double/triple etc up (same with Horror Subgenres) if you want. Going for the year 2023. I wanted to make the challenge for myself but there’s no reason I couldn’t share it in case anyone wants to join in. 🙂

My storygraph profile is Here (and it’s in my linktree link below) if you want to be friends on storygraph.

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