What I Am Currently Reading

Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley – I finished the actual story last October but there’s extras I still need to read. And I love Frankenstein! It’s my favorite book <3.

Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana by Michael Backes – I have recently gotten a medical marijuana card! So yea, I wanna learn things. I use it for chronic pain and stomach problems mostly. I also have anxiety, depression, ptsd, trouble sleeping .. Seriously, i’m a mess of issues. But cannabis is here to help.

What I’ve Recently Finished

BBC Science Focus Magazine by Immediate Media Company London Ltd – I gave it 4 stars. Science magazine. Had nothing to say.

Me and My Dysphoria Monster: An Empowering Story to Help Children Cope with Gender Dysphoria by Laura Kate Dale – I gave this 5 stars. I read it thanks to Netgalley and here was my review for it.

I wish i’d had this as a child. I would’ve had the words and known I wasn’t alone so much sooner.

There are some draft errors (like on one page it says missing words and later some sentences just stop in the middle) but I got this from Netgalley and it is an e-arc draft so i’m not holding that against it.

Nisha is a trans girl. She has a dysphoria monster that keeps getting bigger as she’s misgendered but then she comes out and has support and her monster gets smaller. At first she wanted her monster to just go away but with the help of an adult trans man learns what her monster was trying to tell her, and living as who she is makes her so much happier and confident. It’s a beautiful story and has information for adults wanting to support trans kids after the story. I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the e-arc.

Stinetinglers: All New Stories by the Master of Scary Tales by R.L. Stine – This is a collection of 10 stories and I also read it for Netgalley, here was my review.

I really enjoyed this collection over-all! It has 10 stories. I didn’t care for 2 of them personally (but I didn’t hate them or anything) and I really enjoyed the other 8! 3.65 average rounded up to 4
Welcome to the in-between 3.5
Our Little Monsters 2
Skin 3
The Ghost in the car 4
The boy who heard screams 5
Bugs 3.5
How to change your life 4
The bad side 4.5
The hole in the ground 5
The monster maker 2
These are obviously just my opinions, nothing more.
These stories are perfect for kids I think and they are certainly fun to read as an adult to. If you enjoy Goosebumps (or Goosebumps like books) definitely check this collection out. A few of them gave my spine a tingle!

Philosophy Now – Issue 150 by Anja Publications – Philosophy magazine. I gave it 3 stars. Didn’t care for parts of it, had some issues.

What Do I Think I’ll Read Next?

Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor -A Science Fiction, going to read this as it’s my book club pick for The eclecticist of eclectic book club. It’s set in Africa and has something to do with aliens. It sounds awesome!

Dracula by Bram Stoker – I read Dracula once years ago and didn’t like it but I think i’ll like it more now and have been wanting to give it another chance and it’s Georga’s pick for our book club, The eclecticist of eclectic book club. I also have borrowed this audible plus book that has a big cast of narrators, including Tim Curry, so I think that’ll help to!

Other Stuff – I don’t even know where to start, struggling to recover from surgery, i’m sick, Antibiotics don’t seem to be helping, my mom had/has the same cold crap but now has some sort of other bug. It’s my husband’s, who passed away Feb 16th 2021, birthday today so that’s making me sad and my period just started today (i’m a nonbinary trans guy btw) and it was a bit late so it’s like it waited for this day in particular and also I had a huge spider (daddy long legger) crawling on my arm earlier! Made me drop my switch (seems to be fine) and scream. And a Dr’s appointment keeps getting pushed back because I don’t drive and my mom’s been too sick to take me. I’m terrified i’m going to get this new bug on top of everything else and I can’t recover from what i’ve got and the surgery as it is!

Sorry it’s all over the place and might not make sense. It’s been a lot, still a lot. So much. I’m exhausted. Please make it stop, I need a break.

Sorry for complaining.

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