Kindle Books

The One by John Marrs
After Life by Shelbi Wescott
Taming Tristan by Leighton Greene
The Sisters of Kestrel Cay by Kelly Utt
Lockstep by Robert P. French
The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall
Ink Witch by Lindsey Sparks
Bare Ass in Love by Sasha Burke
The Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mysteries: The Complete Collection by Rosie A. Point
Littered with Trouble by Eryn Scott
Only for the Night by Ella Sheridan
Grounded by Sarah Hualde
His Other Wife by Ava Strong
His Other Lie by Ava Strong
The Last Storm by Sam Sisavath
The Librarian and the Orc by Finley Fenn
Philosophy Now by Anja Publications

Physical Books

Horrors of the Black Ring by R.L. Stine
Ghost in the Mirror by R.L. Stine
Halloween Rain by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder
Return to Ghost Camp by R.L. Stine
The Werewolf in the Living Room by R.L. Stine


Me and My Dysphoria Monster: An Empowering Story to Help Children Cope with Gender Dysphoria by Laura Kate Dale


The Border Keeper by Kerstin Hall

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