What do my ratings mean? Well I do use quarter stars. The basics:

1 star – I hated it. Nothing about it was redeemable to me.

2 stars – This is a bit tricky. It could mean that it just wasn’t for me, nothing wrong with that. It could mean I had a lot of issues with it but there was something redeemable about it or it just wasn’t *quite* enough to hate it, but I strongly dislike it.

3 stars – It was ok. I liked it. Maybe I had some issues with it, maybe I didn’t, but if I did I didn’t dislike the book really, I just didn’t love it either, it was alright. I might reread it eventually. Unlikely but possible.

3.5 stars – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would definitely reread it. Had a fun time. Wouldn’t say love but it was an enjoyable solid read.

4 stars – Really enjoyed it. Solid read. Close to saying I loved it. Would definitely recommend and reread.

4.5 stars – I loved it! There was obviously something minor that kept me from a full 5 stars, maybe it was an issue or maybe it was just a lack of 5-star “oomph” but I still loved it!

5 stars – LOVED IT! Want to shove it in everyone’s face. Favorite!

What do your ratings mean?

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