Garden Gnome Sex Party

by Fannie Tucker


When Jenny adds a little whimsical flavor to her garden with a trio of gnome statues, she never suspects what’s in store. When the sun goes down, Jenny discovers her new lawn ornaments are ready to get busy, and they know how to use those pointy red hats to please a woman!

Warning: Explicit adult material. Three on one action, hard pointy hats, and gnomehoods as big as any man’s! 3300 words.

My Review:

If you look this up on Goodreads you’ll need the original title of “Garden Gnome Gangbang”. Goodreads also shows the original more risqué cover. You can find it Here. Apparently Amazon didn’t like the word gangbang or the original cover. I can see why but it’s a little disappointing lol.

Anyway, Jenny buys 3 garden gnomes for her garden, her actual garden with real plants, not an euphemism. She places them in her garden and goes to get a book to read. A sexy book that she sits on a bench in the shade of a tree in her yard to read and starts to masturbate. Don’t worry, she has a fence that the neighbors can’t see her. During the book getting and such it seems like the gnomes keep moving, but it must be her imagination, right?

Well she ends up falling asleep so she assumes what happens next must be a dream. The gnomes come over and talk to her! One thing quickly leads to another and the gnomes are pleasing her with their hands and a pointy hat in her pussy. Then she’s pleasing them and their gnomehoods that are the size of a humans penis, no idea how they hid those things when they are only 2 feet tall so their gnomehoods are very much out of proportion, with her hands, pussy and mouth.

The gnomes cum apparently tastes like candy and fizz and looks like rainbows and their gnomehoods taste like gourmet mushrooms with a sweet, earthy smell that reminds her of planting new flowers in the spring. Everyone is happy by the end. She wakes up dressed when she had been naked so she assumes it was one crazy dream but on her way inside one of the gnomes seems to wink at her. It must be her crazy imagination right?

This was hilarious, to me anyway. I gave it a solid 3 “I liked it” stars. It’s short. It’s on KU if you want to read it. I bought it on kindle some time ago because shits and giggles.

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