This first bingo board a friend, Georga, showed me at the beginning of the year, got it from somewhere, and we’re both working on it.

This second bingo board I made, with a little help from Georga. Making sure I read as diversely as I claim to be trying to!

Then I just recently made these last 2 bingo boards! I decided to make a horror board and a nonfiction board because those are my favorite genres so I want to put my reading where my mouth is! I wasn’t happy with any of the bingo boards I found hence why I made my own, borrowing prompts here and there to make them.

I’m not sure if i’ll do bingo boards next year or not but for this year at least I want to make sure i’m truly reading a diverse list of books and stuff that I (hopefully) love.

Are you doing any bingo boards? Have you ever made your own? Feel free to use mine or borrow prompts for your own!

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