In a nutshell, most of them! But specifically my favorites are horror and nonfiction. However I also enjoy Fantasy, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Romance … just about anything. I love reading all over the place!

So, let’s be more specific. Horror was my first love, it will always have a special place in my heart. Horror has a bunch of subgenres though, and to be honest I can’t think of one I dislike. I might like some more than others maybe. Horror subgenres:

Demonic – ok, I don’t care for this one that much. I don’t believe in demons and the concept of them makes me roll my eyes.

Paranormal – Yes please! Gimme some ghosties!

Monster – Yes please! Give me some cryptids. Or better yet give me monsters that are good and humans that are evil. But i’ll take an evil monster to.

Slasher – Yes please! Just fun.

Zombie – Meh. I’ll read it if it sounds interesting enough but not a favorite. It has to do something different.

Gore – Meh. I’m not turned off by gore but there has to be a story to it.

Witchcraft – Ok this one tends to offend me. I’m pagan. A witch. Witches aren’t evil (or at least most aren’t). Witchcraft that portrays evil witches? I’m not here for it. Not one little bit. I’m tired of the stereotypes and being treated like shit in real life.

Vampire – Yes please! Vampires are my favorite!

Psychological – Yes! Tends to be the most horrifying (to me)! Gimme!

Comedy – Horror comedy can be hilarious fun!

Body Horror – I either love them or hate them. It depends on the story. Though doesn’t it always?

Found Footage – Yawn. Ok, I haven’t given it a proper chance.

Cosmic horror – I’ve enjoyed this genre. Need to read more.

Splatterpunk – I need to read some more of this.

Erotic Horror – Uncomfortable in the best way. Gimmie!

Gothic – GIMMIE! NOW!

Ok, that’s not in depth, but you get the idea of which subgenres I gravitate towards and which I don’t.

My other favorite, nonfiction. I find nonfiction way easier to read than fiction. Maybe because I have aphantasia, but I also love learning. There is a lot of accessible and fun nonfiction out there to find!

So, what topics do I most enjoy in nonfiction? Animals, social justice (anti-racism, disability justice, queer studies etc.) and autobiographies/memoirs. I also want to get into history and science stuff. But if it sounds interesting, i’m there.

So, the other genres. Fantasy, well high fantasy confuses the shit out of me generally. I tend to prefer YA fantasy or fantasy that isn’t too complicated. Is that called “low fantasy?”.

I love hard-hitting contemporaries. Give me diverse characters please!

Science Fiction, I don’t read a lot of but I tend to enjoy it. I’m not very science knowledgeable though.

I haven’t read a lot of mysteries but i’ve enjoyed a couple. I enjoyed the first Amelia Peabody mystery but need to reread it so I can continue that series. I tried a modern cozy mystery, just one, and didn’t like it. But one book doesn’t mean anything so I have more I need to try.

Thrillers, I am picky with. I refuse, because of PTSD reasons, to read medical thrillers. I am unlikely (but might at some point, who knows) to pick up a spy thriller or a legal thriller. They just sound boring to me. I’d love to pick up a psychological thriller though.

Historical fiction I don’t read a lot of either and I think i’m picky but i’ve loved some like Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite.

Romance, I wish I read more of. It doesn’t necessarily need to be diverse for me to read it but my favorite romances are the diverse ones. Give me queer characters! Give me disabled characters! We deserve love to.

If there is any genre i’ve left off that you want to know my thoughts on, just let me know! 🙂

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