Sorry I went nuclear and deleted all my previous book hauls! I’m going to try doing them again and see how it goes. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything this month but I might have. I’ll keep track of it from now on so i’ll be sure.

Nook Books

River of the Gods sounds fun. I’ve been seeing Spy x Family everywhere lately. Queer Body Power, yes please! Cleopatra and Frankenstein sounds cool and is queer. The Children on the Hill says it’s inspired by my favorite book, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly!

Physical Books

I got The Hacienda, Take my Hand, and Yerba Buena from BOTM. Golem Girl I listened to via Libby and loved! My Give Yourself Goosebumps collection is finally complete! Recently I got invested in some baby robins, but a storm killed them when 2 were hatched and 2 were still unhatched. I got the book before the storm. I guess i’m interested in birds now, that’s new. I rarely do puzzles but I do enjoy them hence The Puzzler. I love Buffy so I had to get the Buffy book! I’ve read The Hunger Games via libby but didn’t own them (except the prequel). Loved The Hunger Games so now i’ve got them all! I love horror and Ibitsu is a horror manga so … 🙂

Audio Books

I had bought The Hunger Games trilogy on audio prior to this month but not the prequel, so now I have all 4 physically and on audio. Burn the page is An inspirational memoir-meets-manifesto by Danica Roem, the nation’s first openly trans person elected to US state legislature so my trans ass had to get it. I love animals, hence funny farm. The Puzzle Solver is about disability/illness. The Girl With All The Gifts sounds like an interesting zombie book. I’ve read, on kindle, Voices in the Snow, a couple years ago. I loved it but never continued the series so now I can listen to it as a reread before continuing the series. I can listen faster than I can read.

The beginning of the Synopsis of The House on the Hill says “Still grieving the death of her husband, Lauren leaves the hubbub of Boston for the peaceful shores of Cape Cod, where she hopes to come to terms with her loss and devote herself to her writing.” I lost my husband last year so it felt right for me to get it.

The Perks of Loving a Wallflower are a historical f/nb romance. Children of the Land is an autobiography and The Gene is, well science.

Epub Books

A Psalm for the Wild Built/Unlocked/An Unnatural Life was free through early in May. The other 3 were in a bundle on called “The Trans Terror Trilogy 2022”. Link Here. I haven’t read The ABC’s of LGBT+ yet (though it probably wouldn’t tell me anything I don’t already know but it’s on KU, Hoopla etc.) but I got a free epub of The Gay BC’s of LGBT+ because i’m taking a course “Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender Identity” on ! I’m also trying to do a few courses on . They are free! There is stuff you can pay for (like grades) but if you just want to learn like I do you can take stuff for free.

Kindle Books

D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding is an f/f romance. Awhile ago I read the first book in The Ghost Files. I found it ok and ended up buying the second book, figuring i’d continue on and never did. Now I got the box set of 1-3.5 for free. I get many kindle books for free, often because of book bub emailing me about them and other on sale cheap kindle books.

I think The Community was a prime first reads thing. It’s an autobiography. I’ve wanted to read Buffering and Educated for awhile, didn’t own them but they are on libby and whatnot. Bookbub informed me they were really cheap so, I bought them. For like $2 and $3.

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